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"Our Faith Calls Us To Action"
Volunteers – Paul and Martha Kowack
By Kathy Gaito

The Annual Catholic Appeal is a yearly campaign that the Diocese conducts to help support the over 25 ministries and programs that actively assist many in need throughout the Diocese. While many aspects of the ACA are handled by the Diocesan Development Office, the success of the campaign depends on the participation of the parish priest, parish secretary and parishioners who volunteer their time during the campaign.

One couple who have been volunteering as ACA Chairs for the past 23 years are Paul and Martha Kowack, parishioners at St. Thomas More parish in North Stonington.

When asked how long they have been volunteering, Paul jokes, “As long as I can remember, but at this tender age of 72 that’s about ten minutes.”

Their roles as ACA Chairs have helped Paul and Martha meet many people in their parish as well as other parishes throughout the Diocese. Volunteering as ACA Chairs helps to keep them connected with long-standing friends and provides them the opportunity to make new friends. When asked what they enjoy most about volunteering, they replied in agreement, “The feeling of peace and accomplishment that something good has been achieved.” Paul added, “Related to that feeling, we both enjoy putting our faith into action and providing an example to the youthful people under 70!”

Paul and Martha subscribe to the principles of stewardship, and believe in giving back for all of the blessings they have received. Parents of six children, they were blessed with the focus and strength to help them all through St. Bernard School, college, marriage and now parenting of thirteen grandchildren! Paul and Martha’s lives have not been without challenges. They have faced cancer and major automobile accidents and believe God’s graces helped them through these trying times. Even with their very busy lives, the Kowacks still find time to volunteer. Besides helping with the ACA, Martha has also been involved with the League of Catholic Women and was president of the Thomas More Martha-Mary Society.

When asked what they would tell others in the Diocese about why they should volunteer, the Kowacks replied with a question and then an answer...

Do you embrace the precepts of your Faith? If so, volunteering provides opportunities that allow you to practice what you read and believe.

Thank you Paul and Martha Kowack from all of us here at the Diocese of Norwich for your volunteerism. You are truly appreciated! Volunteers are vital to our ministries that are supported by the time, talent and treasures of people in our Diocese. Your support and the support of others allows our ministries to continue their service to our community. Thank you for hearing and responding to “Our Faith Calls US To ACTION!”


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