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“Our Faith Calls Us to Action”
Volunteer – Dr. Robert Miller
By Kathy Gaito


When speaking with Dr. Robert Miller, Ph.D., about his volunteer roles in the Diocese of Norwich, one word that comes to mind to describe his service is dedicated! Dr. Miller has been volunteering as a Board member with The Catholic Foundation since its inception in 1998. When reflecting on why he volunteers, Dr. Miller offered, “It’s a way of thanking the Lord and giving back for the many blessings I have received.”

When asked about how Dr. Miller’s work with the Catholic Foundation has made a difference, Angela Arnold, its Executive Director, stated, “The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Norwich is a nonprofit corporation, organized to provide endowments for the Diocese of Norwich and its parishes, schools, agencies and organizations. The Foundation encourages Catholics to be good stewards through gifts of assets, provides for the investment of those assets and distributes the income according to the Gospel and the wishes of the donors. Endowments through the Foundation are a means to greater financial stability and growth for our Diocese and its entities. Since its inception, the Catholic Foundation has awarded over $3.4 million in grant and scholarship assistance within the Diocese. Dr. Miller has played a vital role as Chair of the Board of Directors for many years. In that leadership role, he is very observant and considerate of everyone’s input. He is also on the disbursement committee and participates in the Foundation dinner.”

Dr. Miller finds his role on the Disbursement Committee to be both rewarding and challenging. “Rewarding in that we distribute funds to applicants who desperately need help, especially our Catholic schools. Challenging in that we must make the determination of which funds to allocate, which is done on the basis of the most urgent needs of the applicants. We would like to be able to address all requests but are limited in what we can do due to limited resources,” affirmed Dr. Miller.

The connection to the Catholic Foundation has provided Dr. Miller with the opportunity to meet staff members from various Diocesan ministries. “This has allowed me to expand my understanding of the ministries and the wonderful work they do throughout the Diocese,” Dr. Miller commented.

One aspect of volunteering that Dr. Miller relishes is the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful people. Dr. Miller reflects, “It’s easy to interact with others, because you have a common interest in the Church.”

Dr. Miller feels that The Catholic Foundation’s Annual Awards Dinner always makes him appreciate the joy of volunteering. He remarked, “I find this evening heartwarming and rewarding, seeing the children who have received tuition awards. The smiles on the faces of the children, their families and the Bishop when they gather for a photo is the highlight of the evening. I enjoy this event immensely.”

Dr. Miller’s volunteerism extends beyond The Catholic Foundation. He has also served as a lector and as a member of the Parish Council at his parish, Our Lady of La Salette, Brooklyn, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Academy of the Holy Family in Baltic. Previously, Dr. Miller has served on the Diocesan Pastoral Council, the Board of Directors of the Academy at Mount St. John (1996-2015) and was President of the Parish Council at St. Thomas Aquinas, Storrs, when it was first organized.

When asked about what he would tell others about volunteering in the Diocese of Norwich, Dr. Miller reiterated, “It’s a way to understand and assist in the works of the various ministries. It helps develop an appreciation of the work done by the ministries and the many services that they provide for the Diocese. There are opportunities available for everyone, whether at their parish, on a Diocesan committee or working with a Diocesan ministry…all need help and would appreciate the service of additional volunteers”

Thank you, Dr. Robert Miller, from all of us here at the Diocese of Norwich for your volunteerism. You are truly appreciated! Volunteers are vital to our ministries that are supported by the time, talent and treasures of faithful contributors in the Diocese. Your support and the support of others allows our ministries to continue their service to our community. Thank you for hearing and responding to: “Our Faith Calls US to ACTION”!


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