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The Office of Stewardship assists parishes to initiate and sustain a long-term process to the stewardship way of life wherein spiritual growth and material benefit complement and support each other for the greater good of all God’s people. The Office of Stewardship renders direction and the appropriate resources for all stewardship and development initiatives.

We are able to meet with Pastors, Parish Councils and Finance Committees to review the options available to reach the short and long term financial needs of their faith community and offer guidance and recommendations to help Parishes conduct Stewardship and Capital Campaigns.


197 Broadway, Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: 860-886-1928
Fax: 860-886-2651

Angela V. Arnold, Executive Director,
Diocesan Office of Development
Phone: 860.886.1928, Ext. 13

Kathy Gaito, Stewardship Coordinator 
Phone: 860.886.1928, Ext. 15




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