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Development Office News


Posted on December 12, 2018 in: Faithful Stewardship


By Kathy Gaito

The Office of Communications ministry is the public’s window into the Diocese, spanning Middlesex, New London, Tolland, and Windham counties in Connecticut, in addition to Fishers Island, New York. Disseminating pertinent information throughout this region is one of the key focuses of the Communications Office. “It is important to keep all people within our Diocese connected and well-informed,” Wayne Gignac stated. Wayne was appointed by Bishop Cote as Editor of the Four County Catholic (FCC) and Director of Communications on September 14, 2018 after the retirement of Michael Strammiello. He, along with Meredith Morrison, Sales and Production Manager for the FCC, currently handle the daily operations of the office.

Press relations, public relations and evangelization are three fundamental missions that are part of Wayne and Meredith’s work day. Press relations involve being accessible to media outlets and offering insight on current issues. As a public relations resource, the Communications Office fields various inquiries, providing prompt answers and direction. Through print (Four County Catholic), online ( and, and coordination of the TV Mass program in partnership with the Hartford Archdiocese, the Communications Office utilizes these platforms to share our Catholic faith.

The Four County Catholic newspaper, launched in 1989, remains the flagship communication vehicle of the Diocese. Wayne feels people view the Four County Catholic as “a lifeline…a way to stay connected to the Diocese and their faith.”  Each issue features news on national and local levels, keeping its print and online readership growing at 45,000.

The Communications Office is also expanding the online dynamic. A recent redesign of the Website offers a more ministry focused and user-friendly experience. Plans are in the works to increase the social media presence to encourage interactive communications with parishioners and visitors.

Currently, the Communications Office is staffed by two individuals wearing multiple hats. On any given day they face multiple challenges in their roles. When asked: “What makes you come to work every day?” …they answered:

Meredith Morrison – “I’ve had the privilege of working for the Diocese for 11 years. Producing the Four County Catholic has become a passion for me, giving me an opportunity to reach out to thousands of people and share the good news of the Gospel.  In the process, it has become deeply personal for me, it’s very satisfying.”

Wayne Gignac – “It’s a chance to give back and do ‘good works’. Like all the ministries in the Diocese, the work we do in Communications is a labor of love. Being able to ‘rejoice in the good of others’, using the tools available, allow us to carry on the mission of Christ.  And isn’t that what we are called to do?”

Thank you, Office of Communications for “Standing Together to Build the Future”!

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