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Two New Endowments Added to Catholic Foundation

Posted on December 12, 2018 in: Development Office News, Catholic Foundation News

Two New Endowments Added to Catholic Foundation

By Mary Ellen Mahoney

Generous and kind people continue to look to endowments in the Catholic Foundation as a great way to support their favorite Diocesan ministry in a substantial and lasting way. The Catholic Foundation’s 28th and 29th ministries were recently established. Liza Roach and her father, Robert N. Roach, Jr (Nick) through their family owned company, The Chemical Company, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island established the Roach Family Endowment Fund this past September. Liza is the Youth and Young Adult Minister in the Office of Faith Events. The Roach Family Endowment is for the benefit of Youth Ministry and Faith Formation to deepen and enrich the faith lives of the young people of the Diocese of Norwich. Nick Roach was very happy to open this new endowment to nurture children’s faith formation stating, “Children without faith live life with a glass that is half empty. Bringing faith into their lives gives them the support of faith throughout life and make their glass half full. Knowing of Christs love is a wonderful and consoling thing.” Liza Roach feels that that the endowment is of great benefit because “There are so many ways the money can enhance the catechetical leaders with programing to form our children and youth as well as directly aiding the funding of religious formation in parishes.  Religious Education does not just happen in Catholic Schools and this fund makes sure to take care of the needs of educators, children, and youth in parishes.”

Also, in September, The Reverend Richard Archambault Endowment was established to benefit St. Vincent de Paul Place, Norwich to provide residents of the greater Putnam areas with assistance and support. Reverend Archambault served the Diocese of Norwich for 63 years. Most recently, he was Chaplain of the Holy Spirit Provincial House in Putnam and Director of Project Northeast an organization dedicated to providing food, clothing and household assistance to individuals and families in Connecticut’s Northeast corner. For 41 years, Father Richard Archambault ran Project Northeast with the assistance of Sister Eleanor Baldoni, D.H.S.

Upon his death, it was Reverend Archambault’s wish that his Estate be used to help his beloved friends and neighbors and as a result, The Reverend Richard Archambault Endowment was born. Reverend Monsignor Henry Archambault, Richard’s brother, expressed his joy in the creation of his brother’s endowment, “Establishment of this endowment feels very appropriate since Richard dedicated half his life to serving the poor in Northeast Connecticut. This endowment is a wonderful way to carry on Richard’s memory forever, serving the people he loved so dearly.”  Monsignor Archambault plans to include the endowment in his own testamentary plans, stating “Through future donations to this endowment from others as well as from my own Estate when I pass, and my name is added to the endowment, I hope that this endowment will grow and be able to help even more people.”


Anyone interested in donating to either of these two endowments or learning more about establishing an endowment may contact Mary Ellen Mahoney, Director of Development, at or (860) 886-1928, ext. 13.

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