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Together We Can Achieve More

Posted on August 09, 2019 in: Faithful Stewardship

Together We Can Achieve More

By Gina Foster

This year’s ACA theme, Hand in Hand with all God’s Children, is lived every day in our Catholic schools. Our students model helping one another on a daily basis. We can thank Catholic school teachers and administrators who work very hard every day, teaching students to be kind, loving and compassionate individuals. They teach the importance of loving thy neighbor, offering a friendly smile, and being a loyal friend. Teachers encourage students to pray and talk with God, when they are having both a good day and a bad day. Teachers explain to students that they are all God’s Children and how much He loves each one of them, and that He is always present in their lives.

Religion classes are a fundamental part of the daily curriculum at a Catholic school. Many religion classes center on age appropriate stories from the Bible. They discuss how much Jesus loved us and why He gave up His life for us and rose from the dead.

Religion classes also teach the true value and importance of volunteerism and service. Catholic schools often participate in many community outreach programs. Donating their time at soup kitchens, collecting various items for food, toy and clothing drives. It is impressed upon the students that just a small contribution of time can make a big difference in another person’s life.

They understand that if each student contributes one canned good to a Thanksgiving food drive, all those donations together will help several families in their community. They know that by donating one toy during the Christmas season will truly brighten Christmas for another child who may not otherwise receive anything. Our students are aware that no contribution or donation is too small. Because of the important work our Catholic schools do every day, our students truly believe much can be accomplished if we work Hand in Hand with All God’s Children. 

Thank you to all who have currently donated to the Annual Catholic Appeal. As of July, we received $2,290,906 which is 81.82 percent of our overall goal, with 20 percent of our parishioners donating. We are hoping to have nearly 100 percent of our parishioners donate this year, to help our ministries continue do the work of Christ. If you haven’t given to this year’s ACA, there is still time. Just as our students discovered, if everyone were to make even a small contribution, together we would reach our goal. All donations are very much appreciated.

To watch the ACA video and make a donation, please Click Here or call the Development Office at 860-886-1928. The office can also assist you with matching gifts.

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