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Crocheting Gifts from the Heart

Posted on April 10, 2018 in: Faithful Stewardship

Crocheting Gifts from the Heart


Kathy Gaito


The theme for the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal is “Standing Together to Build the Future”. Each month we will feature a group who supports our Diocesan Ministries by following this motto through their good works.


Stewardship takes many forms. As Catholics we always hear the words – time, talent and treasure when someone refers to stewardship. The treasure referred to in this article is crocheted afghans. This form of stewardship was started by Mrs. Alice Pudvah and Ms. Becky Cady with many other Diocese of Norwich employees joining in over the years to share their time and talent.

At home during the evenings and at work while on break, both Alice and Becky have been ‘Standing Together to Build the Future’… crocheting items that are distributed to those in need since 2003.  They have made hats for preemie babies, lap afghans for people in hospice and children in wheel chairs, full afghans for St. Vincent de Paul Place, Norwich and baby afghans that are given to the Norwich Diocesan Council of Catholic Women for distribution at their layette program.

When asked about receiving the baby afghans for the layette program, Mrs. Judy Pappagallo, President of the Norwich Diocesan Council of Catholic Women replied, “The afghans make young mothers feel like someone cares enough to make something special for their baby. The Council is extremely happy and thankful that we have these beautiful blankets to give to new parents!”

St. Vincent de Paul Place, Norwich (SVdPP) receives about 12 crocheted afghans a year according to Executive Director, Jillian Corbin. “The afghans are distributed to people that are moving into new apartments, families that indicate that they need blankets, and people who are without a home. Getting the gift of an afghan brings individuals a sense of comfort, often reminding them of a childhood memory. We often hears stories about a grandmother that had one in her home or made one for them when they were a child,” Jillian stated.

As for Alice and Becky, both find crocheting to be relaxing and satisfying. It’s wonderful that their craft is bringing so much comfort and joy to others. When asked what they receive in return for their stewardship they answered as follows:

          Alice – “Hopeful, knowing we are helping people.”

          Becky – “Satisfaction of knowing someone might be warm.”

Both plan to continue to crochet and the recipients of their work are thrilled! Jillian Corbin (SVdPP) expressed, “The afghans provide warmth and comfort. As a ministry, it allows us to share something special in addition to a warm meal or hot cup of coffee.”  Recently St. Joseph Living Center, Windham, CT heard of these treasures that are being created and they are looking forward to receiving some lap afghans for their residents in the near future. So, Alice and Becky it looks like your crocheting days will continue with many in the Diocese hooked on your afghans (forgive the pun)!


Thank you to ALL of the Diocese of Norwich Employees who have helped through the years crocheting afghans! Your support and the support of others allow our ministries to continue their service to our community. Thank you for “Standing Together to Build the Future” of the Diocese of Norwich!

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